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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Is Your Subconscious Mind Destroying Your Dreams? 4 Ways To Stop It Now!

The question that is often asked, “Why can I not seem to get my breakthrough?” These words have been uttered by countless individuals who are going through a series of adjustments. Yet, they are still finding themselves in the same circumstances, because of disappointment after disappointment. Thoughts about manifesting their desires become pushed farther away.

People are making outward efforts to change what they are currently facing, but at the end of the week are finding themselves exhausted. The whole idea of change becomes overwhelming and before long that person settles back into the place they are trying to escape.

Sometimes a person is expecting everything to suddenly transform and when it does not quickly happen they give up thinking maybe this is their lot in life. Settling for something and seeing their effort of trying as a failure without looking intently beyond the situation.

Change is not a superficial action, but something that has to be implemented on the inside of a person. Deep within one’s psyche is where life altering transformations take place. The subconscious mind is the heart or center of one’s thinking. Whatever thoughts that reside in someone’s heart is that individual’s true self.

Storage of information is housed in the memory which triggers different emotions. The subconscious mind is aware of what is actually taking place, before someone engages themselves. It is unlimited at what it can do and can be transformed from limiting beliefs and habits.

Everyone has constant conversations within themselves on a daily basis. Inner conversations are constantly happening and will frame the day. Thinking on thoughts that are contrary to what is intended will sabotage a good intention. Allowing thoughts to “run through” the mind is not a wise choice.

The power of the subconscious mind is often overlooked and not given much thought. The subconscious mind is the seat of power and the mind can manifest the most dominant thoughts. Pay special attention to thoughts and carefully choose those that bring edification to positive desires.

Cease from allowing your subconscious mind to destroy your dreams, by using 4 ways to stop it now.

1. Decide from your heart that you will take a certain path toward fulfilling your goal. List your plan of action clearly and in detail. Do not make empty promises that you know you are unable to complete. Break down your goals into manageable segments, so you are able to complete each one fully. This build integrity, because your subconscious mind is storing everything and you do not want to be listed as one that waivers.

2. Believe that you deserve what you desire. See yourself as a worthy recipient of whatever you set your goal toward. There is nothing impossible to you if you just believe you deserve what you are aiming for and maintaining a positive and grateful attitude.

3. Visualize in detail and allow your 5 senses to participate in this exercise. See yourself physically moving in your dream. Use your hands and legs and feel the energy as you visualize walking throughout this experience. Picture yourself living your dream and your physical body will respond with the sound of increased heartbeats.

4. Begin doing things that are in accordance with your dream. Physically do whatever you believe to manifest. Physical actions and the above visualization technique will help bring your future into the now.

The subconscious mind is a great tool if you know how to use it to reprogram your thoughts and live your life as it was meant to be. Train your mind to manifest the good that you wish to contribute to the world.

Everyone has something unique that is able to make a life-changing impact around the globe. Find yours as you use the power of the subconscious mind to rise above present circumstances.

Gertrude Chapman

Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, Author